A Non-Invasive Alternative to a Urinal or Catheter for the Continent Male

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MUDS is perfect for males that have:

  • Difficulty with traditional urinal
  • Shaky or use of only one hand
  • Urinary urgency or frequency
  • Generalized weakness
  • Decreased vision
  • A need for a non-invasive alternative to a foley catheter


The MUDS is specifically designed to be utilized at each urination episode for a continent or bladder trained male with all the non-invasive features of a catheter. It is not a condom catheter and is not suitable for incontinent males unless they are bladder trained to urinate on command.

Easy to use • Decreased need for invasive catheters • Reduce or eliminate spilling of urine • Avoid pain • Increase cleanliness and hygiene • Decrease the risk of infection • Accurate Output • Increase Mobility • Help improve personal self esteem • No license required to use

A male does not have to be handicapped or have challenges to use the MUDS. Other potential users are truck drivers, hunters, pilots, fisherman, campers. A healthy female would not have any difficulty using the MUDS in discreet places, such as in a tent or a RV.

The “MUDS” product is cost effective, durable, non-invasive, and easy to use!!



  • The M.U.D.S. is a drainage system that works in conjunction with gravity.
  • A chamber within a chamber to deter spills
  • “Drip Lip” functions as a secondary backflow deterrent making it effective for men with intermittent streams of urine or dribbling with urination
  • Designed to seat against the pubic area which gives males who can’t use a urinal the ability to contain the stream of urine
  • Flexible tubing that drains into a solid container with the ability to measure accurate output up to 2500ml
  • The container may be hung on the bed fame, wheelchair, chair, or set on the floor. It is disconnected from the tubing and emptied directly into the toilet.
  • The unit itself can be attached to a bedrail which keeps the urine off of the bedside table, promoting infection control and addressing compliance issues.
  • Includes a lid for when not in use.
  • Orientation ridges for persons with decreased vision
  • The M.U.D.S. can virtually be used in any position and requires the use of only one hand.

See What Our Users Have to Say:

“My father had bilateral knee replacements. He had several complications and set backs and had an extended stay in the hospital. Because of both knees being operated on at the same time, he had a very difficult time using a urinal. It was hard for him to sit-up, turn from side to side or even bend his knees to accommodate a urinal without spilling it in the bed. To position the urinal was also difficult due to the continuous positie motion machines placed on his legs for range of motion.

My Dad was embarrassed and discouraged due to this problem. A foley catheter was not an option at this point in his care and I felt so bad for my Dad. I approached Jacque for help, and she devised the external urinary device from simple materials and it was a miracle. My father was able to use this device without once spilling the urine in the ed and the design was so user friendly that he could actually place the device himself, even laying flat on his back. From that point on, my father had almost an immediate change in attitude and his progress improved. He felt in control agian, no longer helpless.

I am so thankful to Jacque and her invention for giving my father his dignity back. I know other male patients would greatly benefit from the external urinary device.”

Suzanne D.
“I recommend the Urinal device to any one who has to go frequently. This device is great during traffic, long road trips and for little boys who can’t hold it. Peeople in the hospital, wheel chairs, and anyone who is handicap. This container keeps the urine sealed tight until you properly can dispose of it. This device has a flexible hose to dispose of the urine easy and mess free. Compared to the urinal cup this device is easy, flexible and convenient to use.”
Willy W
We recently went camping and I was 6 months pregnant. My mother and I each had a Male urinary drainage unit in our tents and were able to urinate into the device without difficulty. We had the privacy of our tents, and the convenience of not having to walk or drive almost 1 mile to the nearest restrooms. We took the containers to the restroom facilities every morning and emptied them. It was great.”
Michele D.
The request: “I am taking care of my father who is unable to get out of bed but not bad enough to have a permanent catheter. I laid in bed last night trying to think of a way to solve this problem. I can see that someone figured it out already…thankd God!

The immediate follow-up: “The first night I game him the wrong instructions and he had the ridges down. Thus we had some leakage. Last night all went well. I want to thank you very much. I now will get to sleep through the night.



  • Increased independence for geriatric, bed/chair bound males
  • Safety intervention
  • Infection control intervention
  • Assist in compliance with OSHA/JCAHO regulations
  • Promotes cost effective use of nursing, housekeeping, laundry services, and supplies
  • Assists in decreasing the incidence of workman’s compensation claims

Introducing a product that can improve the quality of life for a male confined to a bed, chair, car, or any location that prevents access to a toilet or restroom for urinary relief. MUDS is ideal for males having difficulty using a standard urinal.

“I recommend MUDS device to anyone that has to urinate frequently”

Volume orders of 6 or more units qualify for an additional discount. Please contact us for current pricing.


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